As Montenegro’s economy continues to grow, so does the need for contemporary logistics capacities located at main roads, according to leading global standards and increasing demand. This is why we opened our Logistics distribution center on a location well connected to all regions.

The center covers 7,000m² and boasts 5,000 shelving units in the tall warehouse. Storage capacities are designed for temperature-sensitive products and provide high-quality maintenance. Equipped with the most contemporary means of manipulation and computer tracking, there is an additional feature inside the complex – a gas station.

The spacious interior of the center has state of the art equipment for quality presentation and promotion of distributive programs, including a Show Room and Press Room as well as a room for conferences or multimedia projections.

During construction, we looked up to leading global centers, followed all modern standards of product keeping, storage and transport, with the investment value of 5.5 million euros.

There are 142 highly motivated, young and educated people employed in our logistics distribution center.