Successful people make a successful company

Being one of the most successful companies in the region, we have the constant need to recruit the best people for our team, because a company’s success is based first and foremost on the qualities and capabilities of its employees. The army of over 60,000 customers daily is successfully served by our more than 2,000 employees.

Our human resources strategy is closely related to company’s goals. Organization of human resources is the strategic partner of our company and actively contributes to its success. Our goal is to cultivate high performance in all business units, developed on the basis of Voli’s values: responsibility, excellence and innovation.

It also means:

  • We want to recruit the best and the smartest people who will continue to develop and stay in the company long-term.
  • Our unique human resources processes give us a solid foundation to develop networks of talents, experts and managers upon whom our business depends. We see the diversity among the employees as a unique, competitive advantage.
  • We develop our key strategic abilities and skills through the continued education and best trainings – a sustainable investment into our company’s future.
  • We promote health and safety measures in our centers to ensure our employees’ long-term wellbeing and efficiency.
  • We are aware of the responsibility towards our employees and the company and we work closely with our employees’ representatives in good faith and mutual trust.