The HORECA center, Voli’s newest wholesale, was formed at the end of 2013 with the goal to offer HORECA customers a wide array of products at the most affordable prices. Today, HORECA covers the central, southern and northern regions of Montenegro, with more than 700 buyers annually. It is safe to say, on Voli’s 25th anniversary, that we have six full years of successful and progressive contribution to the overall development of the company.

HORECA center is run by thirty-two committed individuals, ready at all times to provide solutions to any challenge that may arise. The quality of service and the most affordable prices allow us to create partnerships with buyers at mutual satisfaction.

Short-term goals for the future of HORECA are unavoidably related to adapting and overcoming newly created business circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis. During the year 2020, HORECA center will build a network of retail buyers, simultaneously expanding its scope of business and service offered to customers. Medium-term goals include the development of a B2B platform and increased logistics capacities, allowing for a more complex interconnection with our partners.

By developing these segments, we hope to provide our partners with all the answers in one place, reducing the distributor-buyer shipment time. HORECA center is ready to greet new partners or partner groups for the goal of fulfilling all future business ambitions.