Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important component of business for all companies who strive to meet increasingly demanding ethic, environmental, legal and public standards. There are four domains in which corporate social responsibility applies: the market, work environment, social community and environmental protection. The goal is to bring together the increasing influence society has on modern business in the Republic of Montenegro, and the importance of applying social responsibility as an efficient tool for keeping up with the competition.

The Voli Company, as part of the community, is aware of the importance and need of its own influence on improving general social conditions, promoting true values and a clearly defined awareness of social responsibility.

Every time a new center is opened, Voli celebrates by donating to municipalities for the socially deprived. Almost every natural disaster in Montenegro which resulted in population suffering was followed by Voli’s food donations. Voli participates in nearly every humanitarian action in Montenegro. One of our top priority partners is Montenegro Red Cross. We continually strive to improve technical modernization of health institutions in Montenegro. Considering education is the foundation of society, Voli repeatedly helped educational institutions of all levels in Montenegro.

We promote healthy lifestyles and whole-heartedly support sport teams, we help promote sports to ensure future generations understand the importance of this life segment as well.

Voli participates but also hosts many charity events, continually shows support for organizations and associations that help the socially deprived, provides help individually or to the community in times of extreme need.


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