Voli’s supermarkets get the highest quality fruit and vegetables and their freshness and quality is controlled daily. Fruits are picked by hand in the same way you pick them in the store. Thanks to Our Garden brand and the vast surface for cultivation of fruit and vegetables, we guarantee quality and accessibility of fresh produce all year round.

There are two ways: from the Home page, go to ‘View Catalogue’, or choose the option ‘Catch the discount’ from the Discounts (Akcije) menu where the current catalogue is shown.

The Voli Company, wishing to make its offer more complete, has begun the production of cakes, pastries, different freshly squeezed juices, as well as the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. We offer a wide selection of numerous products, distinctive by their top quality, categorized in three brands:

  • Izvolite
  • Slatko srce
  • Naša bašta